end of an era

If you happen to be a huge Poirot fan, you won't want to miss the five final episodes airing in the US this summer. We just watched one of them last night (you can find them online in a few place if you are eager :) ). It's good to see Hastings and Inspector Japp back in the cast after going a few seasons without them. I love the lighter feeling of the show when it first started airing way back when, but appreciate how dark the filming has gotten in the past ten years.  Murder on the Orient Express was phenomenal and I can't wait to see the last five, though it will be sad to finally see David Suchet end his career as the best Belgian detective.  Best TV show ever.  If you are Suchet fan, I recommend watching Going Postal (based on the Terry Pratchett book) because he plays a villan, which is fun to see.