this email was too good to not share: "For Leonardo Da Vinci, Nothing is Impossible in The United States"

followed by the text:

You are receiving this communication because you have been identified as an Expert in your area of activity. We invite you to join the The United States Strategic Team. If you are a Dreamer who loves, a Lover who dreams, please do send us your one-paragraph biography to 2,985 Expert Dreamers from 197 countries and territories have already joined the best team designed to serve the long-term public interest of society.

Obviously the content quality of my blog is going down hill rapidly lately.


Yoshie Hozumi said...

at least the graphic is pretty cool looking! i'd say, no worries.x

Bellbird said...

Love everything you post. This one made me laugh. Will go forth in life as a loving dreamer. Or a dreaming lover?

julia said...

yosh - that's what i thought! would make a perfect tshirt yea!

Jade said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! i do think you are an "Expert in your area of activity" so they might be on to something!

Mickey James said...

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