" style inspiration "

I love the styling for Peter Capaldi in the new Doctor Who series. I like what they have done with David Tenant and Matt Smith in the past, but there is something refined and sophisticated with Capaldi - it's partially the age difference and the darker character - but I find it enjoyable and "real" - as opposed to the cartoon/larger than life version that Smith / Tenant brought to the table. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE David Tenant fan.

Then there was this polka dot shirt from two episodes ago.  What can I say, wow, he is totally rocking that shirt!  He then goes on to save the moon with help of trusty side kick Clara - but looking pretty classy all the while.


Whitney said...

Yes! While watching the episode I noted the polka dot shirt to my boyfriend (who was the one who got me into Who back in the ole Eccleston era)! I'm really liking the minimalist look for Capaldi - very fitting for his character and quite frankly totally stuff I would personally wear.

L.P. said...

I have had a crush on Peter Capaldi ever since "Local Hero" in the 80s! His style as the new Doctor is pretty darn fabulous.

julia said...

Whitney - It's funny, I get attached to whoever is about to regenerate, and since the first ones I watched were with Eccleston I loved him and was so upset they got rid of him after one season. But then the same thing happened, again, and again, haha. Definitely everything PC is wearing is something I would love to!

Leanne - I feel the same way! I need to go back and watch some of his other stuff - I've seen him in a few things but I'll have to watch Local Hero now :)

Susan Magnolia said...

I love seeing Peter Capaldi look so cool and fresh. Very well styled with that shirt! Now I want to watch him in Dr. Who. I'm used to seeing him in the Three Musketeers -such a different role! ^_^