Like the rest of the internet, I'm obsessed with Feit.  I want to get the Hand sewn low tops in black, but they only have them in black suede for women, and suede just never ages as well as non-split leathers.  The Marine color is great, but I know I'd wear black a lot more.  There's also the Bi-colors that are mostly black with white on the heel.  The hiker boot with the shearling lining would be a good alternative to no. 6's, I've been hoping to find something New England proof without the heel.  So many good choices, it's hard to choose!  I walked by the new ny shop when I was there the other weekend, but they weren't open yet.  I'd love to try them on in person but it might just have to wait until the next trip!

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erica said...

I finally gave in and bought a pair of Blundstones, which apparently every Torontonian wears.

I've been off-line for a while, so Feit is news to me. I do love the slip ons, and yes, an alternative to No.6s would be great. I finally threw out my pair, they were beyond saving.