la bella principessa

Lost portrait of Milanese princess from the 1400s?  By Da Vinci?  Traced back to a book in a Warsaw library, a missing plate from the front of the book?  Why chalk on vellum? Fascinating story, up for debate by many historians of course.  Read more here, or watch this Nova here.


Carolynn Markey said...

So I watched the Nova. So interesting. I loved hearing about the Princess. Married at 13?? Died 3 months later, possibly by miscarriage?? How tragic! Woah. I would love to read her book (the one in Warsaw), looked for it in English. couldn't find anything

julia said...

I know, so many people died so young, very sad. I seriously can't believe from a random tip-off they were able to find the book, it seems so unlikely!