siduri back pack / new

Finally! It took almost one and half years to get these samples from the factory.  If you have been following rennes for a while you'll see  it's an updated version of our Siduri backpack from 2010/2011.  We took away the button stud closure and now there is a stealthy hidden magnet tab behind the flap.  Otherwise, exactly the same as our original design.  Right now they are in the shop for Pre-Order with an early fall delivery.   We are doing the pre-order at a special price, at the end of August they will go up to full retail cost.   The backpack requires about 14 square feet of leather and takes approximately about 5 hours to complete.  All of the edges are folded save for one small piece on the back that needs to be raw edge to have room to accommodate the straps and handle.  I worked closely with the pattern maker on getting this guy just right with both mine and his prototypes and I'm really excited about what we came up with.

In other news, starting this August, all Gretel Totes will have all folded edges.  The raw edges with edge coat was done on previous models in an attempt to keep the price down as low as possible, but we are switching over so that we can bring you a very finished looking bag. To accommodate this, there will be a price increase at the end of August as well.  The Sophie Tote will also start being lined!  Exciting, lots of changes, definitely for the best!

Oh, and clothing for wholesale for the first time in September at D&A!

Thank you for your emails about the vest a few posts back - we will be getting those online as soon as possible!