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have you ever read the best of craigslist posts?  I look at it about once a year because they don't add new ones too often.  I can't stop laughing.... the tinfoil is my favorite:

"This roll of tin foil is a veritable joy to work with, due to its indecision regarding the nature of its unraveling. At times it sprouts ribbons, shiny ribbons of joy. Efficient for wrapping cat paws, chewing, balling into pellets and inserting in the inner ear. 

When all you really want is to cover some damn tupperware.

A joy!"

And I found just the right apartment : "Ever wanted to feel like you were living on the set of Twin Peaks? If so, this is the place for you! ..... Plenty of 70's detail, wood paneling......"   That sink is just a deal breaker right there.

Okay, going to stop now with the sarcasm....promise.