Since Sunday is the only day the shop is closed, it's really the only day I have to explore get to know Philly better.  (At least for the time being!)  The past few months we've really enjoyed exploring the different gardens around the city.  In fact if I was just randomly dropped in any of them, my first guess as to my location would certainly not be PA!  Of course Longwood Gardens was an instant favorite, and of course you have to stop at Terrain along the way to grab a snack, but lately I've really been enjoying two others - Winterthur and Chanticleer.

Right now Chanticleer is my favorite because of it's relaxed country feeling.  They place attention on the details, refreshing water pots with fresh blossoms a few times a week, it's a small things that make all the difference.  We've become members and on Sundays we pack a picnic, grab some books, and head on over there to read the day away.   With a quick stop at Rival Brothers first for a coffee and an apricot newton, because they are freaking delicious.  I'm sure there's still lots to discover, but for the time being we've been quite content going there every weekend, even if it's on repeat.