oh hello there!

With new found vigor I am going to start updating this page again!  Because I've become a bit tired of other forms of social media, so I'm back tracking. I think I thought insta and pinterest could replace blogging, and perhaps in someways it has, but there's something that's become a bit monotonous lately that's gotten me wanting something else.  But all that's besides the point because there's so much else going on so why focus on all that.

I think I last wrote on here in March? Right before the store opened.  So yeah, the store opened! It's been fun, just over four months old now.  Have you been in yet?  If not you should come visit!  This August it's been 9 years since I started this crazy journey, and so yes, it took me 9 years to get the point where I have a store.  Sometimes I feel like I should have done so much more by this point!  

So anyways, the shop has been coming together piece by piece.  I'm excited! I feel like it's finally plumping up a little bit, slowly adding some more furniture, I think I'm in a big furniture phase right now, it might be getting out of control.  I'm obsessed with this website in the UK called Arcadia Antiques.  Right now I'm ogling over a huge mirror we stumbled across in Charleston and I'm trying to justify the purchase.  It's so wonderfully big and the foil is crackled in just the right way!  

I've also loved loved loved getting to know everyone in Philly.  The shop has received such a warm welcome and I'm so stoked to be in the neighborhood.  Between customers and other shop owners it's been just wonderful getting to know everyone.  Our block is just great and I couldn't be happier about our neighbors on it, Petit Jardin, 36 Craven,  Lokal Hotel, Barnett Fair, Erdon, Cafe Ole, the Geisha House, Allure, Bulthaup, Lost and Found, and also nearby Philly neighbors Meadowsweet, Rikumo, and Millay!  

Well that's all for right now.  The next few weeks we'll be getting lots of new fall arrivals in, we already have some new things from gallego desportes, anaak, asciari, pip squeak, and one more I'm forgetting off the top of my head.  But there will be even more!  I'm more excited about this coming season than I have been in the past so please do get excited with me!