Friday Favorites 5.29.20

Happy Friday!!!
Welcome to our first edition of Friday Favorites
We will be posting our favorite piece in the shop at the moment and maybe some other fun goodies!

Elyse's Friday Favorites-

This Bergfabel Tyrol Dress in light blue. This dress is a total dream. Made of super-soft cotton this dress is perfect for warmer days and you can look chic and calm cool and collected, always a goal of mine!
I am obsessed with the podcast True Crime Obsessed. I love me some true-crime but too much can definitely freak me out but I have been loving this podcast! I would recommend it to anyone who likes true crime and theater (it works, trust me) it is funny and informative and I feel like I can listen to it all day. Bonus point for making me literally laugh out loud.


Julia's Friday Favorites-

can I have two Friday favorites??  

first up is the cicas skirt from asciari!  the fabric on this is just amazing, a perfect cotton poplin with a special sheen when the sun beams off of it, and it can be dressed up or down - however you see fit.

second up is this egg cup, because it's just so gosh darn cute!  i love anything that involves a cloche lid, so this takes the cake!

outside of the shop, something i have been enjoying lately is re-watching the tv show community!  i highly recommend it for quick witty on point quips, a great cast of talented folks (Troy and Abed are the BEST!), and entertaining writing.  my favorite episodes are the ones with the blanket fort and the one with paintball - but there are lots of gems in there!