Gift Guild 2020! For those in the Country


Welcome to our Gift Guilds for 2020!

For those in the Country, we present to you- 

A red mac? Is there anything more classic or chic than a red oilskin coat? We love how it looks thrown over whatever you may be wearing also. It has pockets and is showerproof. 

After a long day, unwind in a sweater dress. We love that it is like wearing your favorite sweater, but all over! Great for snuggling on the couch with a good book and hot cocoa. 

Ready to take a walk after a rain or snow shower or just a walk any time? These boots are for you. With a great rubber coat on the bottom that goes halfway up the shoe, you are puddle ready! Also the mac with the sweater dress and these, swoon. These will be back in stock shortly. 

Now that you have taken that nice walk and are all cozy in your sweater dress, it is the perfect time to light some candles for that magical ambiance that only candles can bring as the days get shorter and shorter. 

Now that the scene is set, it's time to wash up for dinner. Look no farther than this beautiful small-batch soap from the Mores of England. 

Maybe it's the next day, and you are ready for your daily walk. You surely need a beautiful vase for all the foraging you will be doing, and these sure are pretty!

Last but not least, maybe you need to run to town to grab something fun. What is better than a sparkly leather wallet? Keep your coins, bills, spare seeds, small snacks, bobby pins; it's a really stunning little pouch.