Photoshoot | 6.9.21 | Pt. 1


Pip-Squeak Chapeau is undoubtedly a shop favorite. They are a brand Julia has been following for ages, and I discovered them when I started working here. They fast became a favorite with their amazing button-ups and unique takes on classic pieces. The Sugar Coat, which you see above, is incredible. Julia had talked about it as the one that got away years ago, and Sveta from Pip was so kind of made us a new batch! I have the Sarafan dress in charcoal and wear it all the time. I adore the black version too, so you better get one before I keep them all :-) We also love the 9 button shirt, which has the easiest shape to wear and is timeless goodness. We recommend picking up one of these super versatile tops; I have dreams of wearing the linen one on the beach as a coverup, then throwing on some shorts and wearing it to dinner; a girl can dream.