Photoshoot 7.20.21 | Pt. 1

Wooow, it's been a while!

Welcome back to the blog. We have been super busy with end-of-season things like receiving the last couple of orders, starting the sale, organizing things in the shop and online, preparing for the impending fall orders. We are thrilled to be back to blogging at the moment and have some incredible photos to share from our most recent photoshoot of Runaway Bicycle shot with the amazing Dahee. We are honored to have the stunning pieces that Preeti and the team create for Runaway Bicycle in the shop. Each piece is a true work of art and we are glad to have them on our racks. We also love working with Dahee who always brings such wonderful energy to the photoshoots and a joy that is contagious. We hope you love these photos and pieces as much as we do!

I am also learning to do the blog in HTML so if things look a bit funky that is why! Hopefully, I pick it up quickly, wish me luck :-)