A Hint of Spring | 1.13.22

A few pre-spring collections have started to trickle in at the shop making us catch a glimpse of the warmer weather that is to come (though we admit, it is a few months off indeed!). We have new pieces in from Casey Casey, Pip Squeak Chapeau, and Bobo Choses.  Of course as always, everything pairs well with eyewear from Eva Masaki.  

We love the different crisp cottons, especially the Casey Casey pieces that are reversible.   Two jackets in one? What could be better?  You can mix and match which side to wear depending on your outfit.   We love when our designers decide to make pieces reversible, it makes them just so much more versatile throughout the week.  The jacket is also fun to wear with a hint of the collar popped up, it adds a fun contrast that is a bit unexpected.  

We don't know how this happens as it's unplanned, but somehow the deliveries we receive always match in a fun and unexpected way.  We often don't know which pieces will end up getting photographed together, so it's always fun to play with different combinations when they do arrive! We hope you are excited as us for the new arrivals to come!