exciting things!!

do you like yellow? i love yellow. i have a few pairs of yellows shoes actually. this color obsession started last year when i stumbled upon my favorite little prince shoes. it took off after that. anyways (because maybe you're not too interested in shoes) there is a yellow annie bag in the shop ! I only could get a teeny bit of this leather- enough for two annies and one gretel. There will also be a black applegate later this afternoon- i just have to photoshop some of the pictures. and more bits to come later :)

oh P.S., I'm not the bragging type, but we (the royal we) are currently etsy's featured seller! i'm giddy as a school boy! Please come see our interview here!


KreatedByKelly said...

Your interview is very nice! Congrats on being a Featured Seller on Etsy!!

La Marquise des anges said...

CONGRATS again ... I feel so ...proud to see you on the FP ... I know that sounds stupid but that's how I felt ...proud !!

very very interesting interview ...but I would definitely love hearing you playing Yann Tiersen on the piano !!!

and .... euh ....sock design ????

:) :) :)

Annie said...

Hi Julia!!
I loved the interview on etsy! You are one talented girl (woman, rather:) I still think of everyone in the playgroup as little kids..sorry!
I love love love your beautiful bags and fabric
So proud of you! Congrats!
Love, Ann (Mills)
PS I am forwarding the blog and the etsy stuff to show Lyndsay!

spilling beauty said...

such a great interview..
i was so happy to find you and your beautiful work!