how to make a leather zipper pouch

Yes, if you are looking for a pouch tutorial, you are in the right place, it was here, you are not crazy!

I'm very sorry to say that for the time being I'm removing this tutorial. When I first wrote this I intended it as a way to share information, not as an easy way to replicate what I make. Maybe at some time in the future I will put up the tutorial again, but for the time being I have decided to remove it. Thank you for your understanding.


Studio Petite said...

This is just so awesome;)! You're so SWEET to have posted this!! Thanks sincerely!! You truly do beautiful work;)!!

Studio Petite

Leather Made Nice said...

Hi Julie,

What a great "share". Your work is quite lovely. I have a walking foot and have a difficult time getting that close to the zipper. :D

Anne ^i^

julia kirsten said...

Thanks ! :)

Do you have a zipper foot for your walking foot? That helps a lot I think, otherwise I would never be able to get that close!

EvaForeva said...

What a great tutorial! I am crazy about the first photo :-)

GUGAW said...

awesome tutorial! as soon as i get a sewing machine i'll be trying this out x

Alicia said...

Considering you make & sell these lovelies on etsy, I find your sense of sharing beyond generous. Gratittude in great big gallons!!!!
Your etsy shop is now in my favs for when I need a gift or pick me up.

Urban Revisions said...

wonderful!!!! thank you :)

BakerGirl said...

I gave this tutorial a go! It's the first time I've EVER sewn a zipper so it was quite interesting. Great tutorial but I really struggled with this it really made me feel like the beginner that I am! :-)

Thanks for posting!
Check out my blog post on the outcome of your tutorial!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for a great tutorial!
stop by my blog for lots of great craft ideas!

Caitlin Jerome said...

Hi! Do you mind putting the tutorial back up? I'm trying to make a purse that technically combines three types of pouches together. I found it on a website but they're $500, and I'm a poor college student. Or please, if you could just send the tutorial to me through email? That'd be cool too.