cranes beach

First I want to say thank you everyone for leaving such nice and lovely comments on here, it makes my day to know someone is reading this!

This past weekend was awesome, at the moment I can't recall what we did on saturday (save for dropping jesse's bike off to get fixed, again...), but on sunday, we went to cranes beach on the north shore. After lots of traffic and arriving to find the beach parking lot full, we parked at the commuter rail station where there was a shuttle bus running. The weather was perfect and the water was just the right temperature. Luckily I never burn so I don't have to worry about sun block. Built some kind of sad looking sand castles that got destroyed right away by the water, but it was fun while it lasted. Didn't take many pictures, I was too busy having fun!

I hope to have a shop update with some new bags either this Friday or early next week, I will let you know when I know!


EvaForeva said...

I love when people build sand castles but I don't do that - too afraid of crabs, hehe.

EvaForeva said...

Oh, and thanks for the comment about a blouse idea, that what I was thinking too!

oneeyedrabbit said...

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. From one Leo to another. I just had mine this weekend. Take care and I can't wait to get my new bags! (That's my b-day gift to myself. Shh. My husband doesn't know yet.)