pochette update deux

Five new pouches are in the shop right now! I just got forty more of these zippers, so I can make small pencil boat shaped pouches out of them. I'll have other colors later today or tomorrow. They are all cut, just need to be sewn.

Additionally, there have been a few nice write ups of my shop in the past day or two. First, Caitlin of Metrode Vintage did a sweet little interview here, Jenny wrote this, and Caroline wrote this. Many, many thank yous to you all :)


melly said...

I love them, I love how buttery they look and I bet they feel awesome to the touch.

oneeyedrabbit said...

OOOh! Those are VERY nice!

modaspia said...

how eery is this? i was just looking at your shop and blog a little before i went to take a nap. woke up to your comments on my blog, so strange. i love your style!

rachel / Red Lips Vintage said...

these are great product photos! love the colors

à petit bruit said...

First time for me on your blog : your creations are really fantastic : bags, dresses, carves, I love all of them… Bravo. !

from lara said...

therese are adorable! great job :)

tinypaperheart said...

my pleasure. :) i love the shape of these pouches! so cute. can't wait to see the other colors, too. :)

EvaForeva said...

That's great! You deserve it! Those features are great!
And I am in love with your photos of the pouches. So simple and elegant!

rennes le château said...

Melly - I love working with buttery leather! Nothing beats it :)

Julie - Thank you dear!

modaspia - haha that is so funny! thanks for letting me know! a few years ago i worked at a store (nomad) where we carried your clothing, i loved the fiji dress!!

Rachel - Thank you! Taking pictures has definitely been a learning experience for me, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't ;)

à petit bruit - thank you for stopping by! so glad you like everything !!

lara - thanks so much!

caroline - thank you! i hope to have some more posted by the end of the week :)

jenya- thank you!! i thought they needed a little something extra, so i added the colored pencils ;)