what's up l.l.bean?

So, Mom, I have to apologize to you, and I have a confession to make. I know growing up I've given you and Dad such a hard time about only wearing L.L. Bean and Landsend. In fact, I'm sure I've even given you a hard time about it in the past month. It's just always been a running joke for me. So naturally, for most of my life I've wanted nothing, repeat nothing to do with L.L. Bean. (Except when I was about nine, then I wanted all the brightly colored kids parkas with triangle reflectors on the butt, yes, you know what I'm talking about.)

About two years ago I was given a pair of their wicked good slippers. (Yes I am from Massachusetts, but that's what they're called). I thought, okay, these are really comfy. I can wear these. Then, I was given a pair of rain boots with polka dots on them, and then I thought, hey, these aren't so bad either. Then when I went home last weekend to visit, I bought myself a barn coat and now I have the same coat as my Mom. Now, you can imagine how weird it is for me to seeing all the hype about the new L.L. Bean signature collection and new Lands End stuff popping up all over the web. And I have to admit it. A lot of the stuff is really cute. So Mom, Dad, I guess you know style better than me after all. And no, I'm not being sarcastic.