Lately I've become really interested in learning how to do sashiko. I was at a book store this weekend and I was looking through a quilting book and read a little bit about it. I figured I didn't need much to go home and try it myself (although you can buy special sashiko thread and needles, I just used this dmc thread from my grandmother and indigo linen). After doing straight rows of hand stitching I was about ready to quit! It's so hard to get precise tiny little straight stitches! After a while though, it became really relaxing. Granted this attempt is nothing like real sashiko, but just my own little interpretation. I think I'm going to make some pillows with the squares that I'm making - just simple straight stitches. When I get a bit more competent at that, maybe I'll draw up a few designs and try them.. I'm feeling kind of inspired to maybe include some similar things for fall bags, now if only it wouldn't take one hour to make a tiny nine by nine inch square!