sunday factory

One more find before I sign off for the weekend! About a week ago I stumbled across the shop Sunday Factory which has all kinds of cute dresses, tops, and crocheted bags. I'm very attracted to simple linen designs and am very tempted to get that first one. The fabric looks so nice and we all know it's hard to resist stripes.


erica said...

whoa, nice find! i'd love to know how well made the pieces are. the prices are definitely tempting.

how about this rain, huh? hope you have a good weekend!

rennes said...

that's exactly what i was wondering! and, i'm going to find out because that shirt was just too perfect to pass up for the price.

uhg! what a sudden down poor we got! we had to wait at the T for about a half hour for it to clear up. seems okay now though ;P hope you have a nice weekend too!

stephanie renee said...

love this, going to check it out!