I'm really excited about the new Grinderman album. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, or, if it is your cup of tea you're my new best friend. And I love this hilarious video for Heathen Child - laser beam eyes and stonehenge - score! (Warning, some nudity and "questionable" content). It's like some combination of MST3K and even more sarcasm. And, on top of that I just bought my tickets for their show at the House of Blues in the Fenway - I was surprised they weren't more expensive than $25, as most shows these days are so overpriced. I usually don't go to concerts anymore because I don't like crowds but have made two exceptions for that : if either A. Yann Tiersen plays around here or B. Some form of Nick Cave plays around here. This falls into category B and I can't tell you how pumped I am for this. Yes, I said pumped and boy do I mean it! And since we are technically on the topic, I'll share some of my favorites. Yes, major dorking alert...thanks for indulging me...