Yesterday I turned a whopping 24! It's funny up until this year I hadn't thought about being in my mid twenties, then I developed about 20 white hairs in my bangs and it dawned on me, but I kind of like them so I'm cool with that. Anyways, so yesterday we went to the aquarium where I saw some pretty cool jellyfish. We actually decided to become members because we would only have to go one more time and it would be completely paid for. Unfortunately we missed out on the fur seal training session because one of the fur seals had died earlier that morning and they didn't want to make them stressed, but we still got to see them and they were shouting and making all kinds of people like noises! But, now that we are members, we can go whenever we want! There was a point in life where I wanted to be a marine biologist or marine archaeologist and when I go to places like this it kind of makes me wish that I went down that path. But I guess it's never to late!

I woke up to find this silly little guy sitting on our coffee table - he's a puggy- bank! How can you not have a good day when this is the first thing you see in the morning!

Hope you're all having a nice week so far. I'm seeing one of my friends today who has been in Vienna for the past year - so excited, it feels like it's been forever!