favorite things 1

I don't really have any posts that I do regularly, but, it seems to be a common enough theme that at some point during the week I post about things that I think are cool around the interweb (and my mom always teases me for this.) So why not consolidate in to one weekly round up of awesome things? Of course I'm sure there will still be awesome things intermittently as well. So, here goes the first installment.

First, Hannah's triangle print. Wowzers! I can't wait to see what awesome things she makes with it. Plus she has just got a knitting machine - jealous!

Second, Ilana's fall version of her Emily dress. I love the subtle nautical feel and color combination, quite simple and striking!

Third, my friend Kim knitted carrots! How cute are they?? The end of August always makes me want to take out my knitting again.

Forth, Laura made the most awesome fan art of the wiksten ikat dress! what could be a better substitute when these cute dresses sell out so quickly?

Fifth, Stephanie's recent shop update - which included these bright pink bracelets.

Sixth, Olivia's tasty peach and black berry crumble which I have made twice so far this summer and can't get enough of it!

Last but not least, the movie City of Ember, which didn't too well when it came out in 2008, but I recently discovered a copy at the library and want to watch it over and over and over again. Nothing like a good kids movie.