i'm sure you've heard...

...about Ilana's new collection! She just introduced it a few days ago, and everything is so lovely! I think you remembering me posting a little while about about her fall version of the Emily dress - I have the summer version of it and It's so comfortable! Ilana and I did a trade a while back and I have been so slow in posting about it (having gotten distracted by summer in August) - I'm now the proud owner of two of her Eibel dresses and one of the Emily dresses - and I think the new ikat one for fall would be a great addition - as you could seriously have about ten of these in every color and/or pattern and each would feel special and perfect! I think the ikat one is all sold out now, but she'll be taking a few special orders through her blog.

Hand-dyed Eibel dress

Emily dress in blue stripes