hey! this is tomorrow! come say hi!

This will be a somewhat redundant post, so apologies for that! But, tomorrow is the West Elm We Heart Handmade event! I'm really excited. It starts at 6 and goes until 9 and there will be food! I don't think I'll have as much stuff to show as I had originally anticipated, but that's okay. I made a ton of new pouches though, which I'm really excited about. They're a bit bigger than any others I've made so far. Plus I'll have some of my new fall stuff there too. And, maybe I'll bring candy.

Thank you so much to everyone for your responses to my new collection, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. As soon as I have a second I'm going to respond to all of the comments individually. My plan is to have the shop open this Friday afternoon or evening with all the new bags in it. I'm still tinkering with big cartel and want to edit things more (plus take pictures of the interiors of all the bags) but until then, I've made up a collection catalogue with all the pricing info. You can find it here. I also have about six new striped totes made, but they didn't fit in with the collection, so they will come along a little later. Hope you're all having a nice week...