the best two things this week & nothing compares to the first one!

I literally shouted out loud when I saw this on Jennifer's blog this morning. Pulp is my favorite above all favorite bands and I'm crossing my fingers that they make it over to this side of the ocean this summer. More cryptic info here. I have an amazing Pulp poster I got about six years ago from their single "Mishapes" and it's layout is a vintage sewing pattern- I keep saying I'm going to frame it and put it in my studio- I think it's about time! Oh, and Grinderman is this Saturday - is it dorky I'm so excited for this? I feel like a teenager all over again.

Then there's this. I think this is best youtube video I've seen in a while. 1. What the hell is this lovebird doing??! 2. This is the kind of video your parents take of you and embarrass you with ten years later. Nothing like kid & pet videos - I recently saw one of me and my two bunnies outside when I was little - I think I was trying to get them to hop and so I started shoving and lightly "kicking" them - man kids are crazy! And I was one of them.


jennifer said...

I'm so psyched about the Pulp reunion. My bf and I are trying to figure out how we can scrounge together enough funds to see them in Europe in case they don't come to the States. Haha, we're such losers.

And yes, WTF is that bird doing? Making itself a costume? The child narrator is also so amazing.

Owls go hoot said...

I was listening to Pulp JUST before I went on your blog! They were so the best out of the Brit Pop 'scene'.

Anonymous said...

i KNOW, how awesome is this news??

i saw them once before - ridiculously scary to think that it was more than T E N years ago - and they were amazing!!

can't imagine that they'll tour down to australia, but i will keep my fingers crossed and dream

julia said...

Jennifer - I know! I feel like I should seriously consider making my way to Europe for this - because who knows if it will ever happen again! I have a feeling though they will definitely do more than just the two shows, so I guess I'll wait and see!

Natalie - I completely agree! They were definitely the highlight and best band from the era.

Anne - Lucky you to see them! I actually haven't seen them live before, which is kind of sad. And yes, it is scary to think that they were last touring that long ago - time flies too quickly!