this week i...

Wow, this week has been really crazy. It all started last Saturday when Jesse and I began painting our living room. The windows were in really bad shape so I spent a lot of time stripping them down and sanding. It took forever but we managed to finish a majority of it by Sunday evening, we just need to paint our front door now and do a second coat around the closet door and trim. But, it was completely worth it because the room looks ten times better and is more bright and cheery.

I've also been working away at making some new bags for Nomad which I just dropped off early this afternoon. If you live in the area, they now have three new market totes, two gables satchels (one of these is in a light brown with subtle gold sparkles - I think it's my favorite one I've made), many pouches in different colors, one mini arles tote, and next week I'll be dropping off two more messenger bags.

For the past few months I've been going back and forth in my head about wholesaling. I've done a tiny bit the past year - some to Nomad and some to Townhouse in Zurich, Switzerland. I like doing it quite a bit and I like being able to reach a wider audience outside of the internet - and I'm sure any maker can attest to how lovely it is to see something you made in a real shop. A while back I visited Ellen and helped out at one of her shows in New York to get a better sense of what doing wholesale might be like. It was so fun! (And I'll state the obvious that Ellen's S/S 2011 rocks my boat wicked bad). Anyways, over the next year I hope to selling at some more locations, and what this is all leading to is cost. I will be able to keep the same prices for most of my bags and still make a profit, however the pouches and some of the smaller items will be going up. I've analyzed it quite a bit, and when I compare my work to other similarly made items in boutiques, I find mine are still lower priced and as well made. So, the small pochette pouches will now be going up to $40, the new clutch pouch style to $60. If you've been eyeing one of these in the shop, for the next week I'm happy to honor the old pricing, just shoot me an email and I will send you a revised invoice. I know price changing is annoying, but that's just the way it is - I need to be consistent between my shop prices and wholesaling.

Gosh, I didn't mean to write a novel here and jump from topic to topic. There were actually a few other things I wanted to mention but at this point they seem so out of place from everything else that I'll post about it a little bit later. Plus, I know reading huge chunks of non pictured text is never that fun!

P.S. On the topic of Dusen Dusen, there is a Dusen Wylie trunk show this evening at Duo in NYC! I'm so bummed I can't go. They will have some of their new wool coats there and some new scarves! Check it out!