catch up

Finally I finished the whale I had been working on in my casting class. Initially I had aimed to do carvings over the all over the little guy, but I kept messing it up and in the end just left him mostly blank. I made a silicone mold in hopes to make some multiples, but so far I'm not too good at injecting the mold successfully!

I ended up also casting the brown wax prototype - it got messed up though because the metal didn't get poured into the plaster quick enough.

My Tova top pattern came in the mail this past week. I can't wait to make my first shirt, if time ever allows for it! Things have just been so busy lately.

Anabela kindly sent me one of her totes. I love it! I really liked her idea of capturing meaningful & potent lyrics and printing them. I had never heard Running Up That Hill before but now it's been on replay for the past few days!

The coat came! It is awesome and I love it so much I even want to wear it inside! The fabric is much different than I expected and has such an interesting texture I'm not even sure how to describe it or what I would call it.

Hope you all have a nice weekend - it's gorgeous here today and look forward to spending the rest of the day outside!


Anonymous said...

great call on the coat- it looks perfect on you!

jennifer said...

What an adorable whale! Also, you look great in that coat. I'm still totally obsessed with it, but am waiting to see it in person before I decide whether or not to buy it. Do you find that it is warm?

evasuejane. said...

those are all wonderful things.
i love your coat!


simple things said...

That whale! AAHH - so cute!

Lindsay said...

That coat is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures so much. The whale is beautiful, as your new bag and coat.
Up here, in Belgium, the weather is really bad. It rains and rains and rains, and it just don't want to stop. But I enjoy my inside work, and love the sound of the rain against the window.

Enjoy your new coat, and the cold wind against your face.
Love, Hermine

Megan said...

jeeez, you have been a busy girl! and I'm loving your casting work...maybe you and Ellen can do a collab for her new collection! b/c that would be awessss...

julia said...

Caitlin - Thanks so much!

Jennifer - Thank you! I understand wanting to see it in person, I'm usually super hesitant about buying these kinds of larger purchases online, but it turned out just right. I think that it is pretty warm, but it's definitely not the warmest jacket I have - I've been wearing it with a sweater underneath most of the time. I think if it had been 100% wool that would have been better - but I was kind of looking for something lighter anyways so it doesn't bother me that much.

Eva- Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed them :)

Belinda - Thank you! I had such fun carving the little guy - I just need to put him on a chain now.

Lindsay - Thank you, hehe!

Hermine - Thanks so much, I'm glad you like the pictures! Wow, you get a lot of rain - it's actually been like that here as well for the past few weeks - mostly cloudy and rainy with a few sunny days in between. But yes, sometimes it is so nice to just sit inside on a rainy day! :)

Megan - Ahh! yes it feels like my brain has been all over the place lately so I could barely put together a coherent post, haha! My casting class is so fun....I just wish I had more time to make more things! And, I owe you an email!! It's a coming! ;p

EvaForeva said...

Julia, oh my! The whale is adorable - I wish I could learn how to work with metal. Maybe some day soon...
The coat is lovely. I hope it's everything you wanted it to be because it looks stunning on you.
Oh, and I can't wait to see the new shirt!

jokemijn said...

beautiful coat you bought! love your combination of colours.