black duffle

I've been working on a very fun trade with a lovely lady - this duffle bag is for her sister. I just received the black top grain horse hide, and I love working with it; next to the rawhide leather from this fall, it is my absolute favorite. I'm tempted to make one for myself, but making one takes me about 12 hours, so I don't know where I'll find that time!

Lately I've been drifting less towards making as many bags as I can in a day, and instead find myself drawn towards putting more time and effort into making each one perfect, details and all. I'm a lot more calm when I work that way and I get less stressed about everything I need to do. I tell myself it's not a race (except a race against myself I suppose) and I will go at my own pace.

So, I'll probably be making the duffle bags as made to order from now on. I know maybe not as fun as receiving one right away in the mail, but I think it's a better way to do it. Plus, then you can pick the lining and tell me how long you'd like the cross body strap to be - so maybe it is more fun after all! Later today I'll be posting some as made to order, so keeps your eyes peeled!


courtney said...

this bag is gorgeous! and it looks like someone found those sweatpants she was looking for. :)

Anonymous said...

its awesome! also love your sweater, as is so often the case

Arlie said...

It looks fantastic!

simple things said...

oohhh! so nice!!!

Good idea making the bags to order. I think people will be ok with a bit of a wait in order to get something that has been made just for them.

Hetterson said...

This is beautiful! Made to order is great! I think people really enjoy having the option to make small changes to make the item more personal!

PS. I forgot to tell you I got your card, so cute! Thank you!

PPS. The pants you have on here look suspiciously like skinny sweats, but if their not and you're still looking, I found these this morning:

Cranberry sweats here I come!