zipper making

I think the most frustrating item to source in sewing land is zippers. I have never really been able to find zippers to my liking - and when I do find some, they usually are remainders and I can't get the exact same ones again. There were a few stores in NYC I found but they didn't have the toggles I liked. One of my fellow sewers in crime told me about a super zipper supplier, which I have ordered from a few times (good products, good turnaround time), but after a recent ordering mishap, I feel my search needed to begin again. Plus, they were a little on the pricey side anyway.

So, I ordered my own zipper making supplies, and now I can make a brass zipper in any length I want (or you want) with the toggles of my (or your) choice! I'm so excited about this I feel like a major dork. The only thing is it's kind of time consuming, pulling out all the teeth is a major pain.