lauren's humanoid sweater

humanoid knock-off.  finally.

humanoid knock-off.  finally.

humanoid knock-off.  finally.

all images are from Lauren's flickr.

Last night I got a lovely email from Lauren saying she remembered reading one of my posts a few weeks ago about making a humanoid knockoff. She had recently finished her own version and I'm totally in awe! It's so pretty! You can read more about it on her blog here. I'm a bit behind on starting my own version of the same sweater, but have almost finished a similar cardigan version I hope to take pictures of in the next few days. I'm currently a bit frustrated with how the arm decreases are going, so I've taken it out and re-done the arm three times - I'm hoping this time around it works!


smunch said...

thank you for this post! it's exciting to see my sweater on someone's blog, actually. i can't wait to see yours!

erica said...

you're more than welcome to borrow my humanoid sweater if it helps you figure out your own pattern, julia.

jennifer said...

I loved that Humanoid sweater so much. that sweater looks great on her!

Rūta said...

Oh I love it, it looks rough but so warm at the same time.

julia said...

lauren - no problem at all! you did such a great job on it!

erica - thank you - that's such a sweet offer ! i might have to take you up on that at some point soon when I get around to working on the pattern! and you're so close that it'd be fun to have lunch or something sometime too!

jennifer - right? i think everyone i know on here is also obsessed with this sweater!

ruta - i love those types of yarns - they are so fun to work with because they just get a little bit felted!