miss marple

Lately I can't get enough of Miss Marple - I think the past few days I've watched at least one episode a day. ( Of course it hasn't helped that we've been couch ridden anyways - I can't remember getting sick so many times in one winter.) After finishing and then re-watching every episode of Poirot, we've been trying to find a something new. Luckily Agatha Christie wrote many many books and most of them have been adapted for television. I think Miss Marple is probably my new heroine - a detective and knitter - what could be better? I've only seen the ones so far with Geraldine McEwan (seen above) but it seems there have been many different adaptations - though I have become quite partial to Geraldine in the role - she's just perfect.


Labuta Handmade said...

Oh! I understand so much the "I just can't get enough of Miss Marple" thing. Last year I also went through watching all episodes of Poirot and Miss Marple — though the ones with Joan Hickson, which is still my favourite — while knitting at the same time. I just love the clothes, the landscapes, and all that "britishness" that doesn't really exist anymore. It's just perfect for cold, grey days

julia said...

I'm so glad you understand! I think I've been getting so obsessed with it lately that I'm going to want to go out and try to solve mysteries! It would be so fun - and both Miss Marple and Poirot are so good at it! If only I could walk in their footsteps :p

Owls go hoot said...

I love Miss Marple! I live near to one of Agatha Christie's holiday homes and I love going there! the 1920's-30's era is so good!