So being home all day today led me to conclude after two weeks of contemplation, that yes, these shoes could not live without me. (Well, it's really the other way around). I tried the gunmetal pair on at Stel's a few weeks ago for sizing (such a fun color, but I was quite smitten with the camel pair online) they only had the 7.5 and that seemed like a good fit but a little loose around the ankle - but I bet I'll just get used to that, as I imagine the 7 would be just a bit too snug. I actually wish I could have bought them at Stel's, after all they were playing this song, and well, I think if you played Nick Cave in your store you could easily get me to buy anything. Plus they're so nice there. Anyways....enough of that.

Thank you so much for yesterday, for all your notes and sweet emails (which I have yet to respond to, but I will get to that in the next few days, I promise!) I have ran back in forth in my head more than one time today trying to decide if it was appropriate to be such a debbie downer. In some ways I suppose that it would have been just as easy, if not easier, to post on a medical forum, but somehow this feels more like home to me. I think it's maybe because a lot of you are crafters (and I mean this in a broad sense) out there and understand how important being able to do our work/hobby is. Thanks for understanding, you guys are the best.

On the bright side the librarian and I got into a chat today about movie recommendations for fans of Downton Abbey, Poirot, Miss Marple, etc., so I have a huge stack of movies/shows to make my way through. We just watched Keeping Mum with Maggie Smith and Rowan Atkinson and it was hilarious!


joyce said...

oh julia, i didn't see yesterday's post until just now. i'm so sorry you're going through this and am thinking of you.


caroline said...

those little shoes look perfect! good addition to the closet since it seems that it will go with everything.

Anonymous said...

ooh good choice- I'm planning to get the gray myself! I bought a pair of their boots recently, and added a thick-ish insole to correct the ankle sizing.. worked very well!

chelsee said...

Goodness, I have been lusting after a pair of those shoes for a very long time. I am excited for the day when I can get a pair. I believe they'll be a pair of shoes you'll have forever - enjoy! Good choice on the colour as well.

Kate said...

I have these shoes and love them! They rub a little on my ankles (still breaking them in), so loose in that area is probably fine.

fen and ned said...

hello! You have the best taste in shoes and TV! Glad to find your blog, I wish you all the best with regards to your last post x
Sarah x