two three new things that make these march days brighter

For me it seems so far that "taking it easy" translates roughly as "spending to much time searching ebay". Whether this is a good thing or bad thing is up for debate. My wallet seems to think the latter. I had tried for quite sometime to avoid even looking anything by Isabel Marant...I remembering being in the shop in Paris three years ago (my first time being introduced to her work) and just sighing knowing as a recent college grad there was no way in heck I was going to be able to buy anything. And that's where ebay comes in. I think this sweater is from her collection last spring and oh my, I scored big time. This cotton is so soft (didn't even know what mako cotton was, had to look it up) and I like that I can wear it both frontwards and backwards. I had no idea what size I would be so I got the 0 and it fits good- though I probably would have preferred a 1 for the length.

Red pants from the gap. About 3 sizes too big but hey, I'll take what I can get and wear them "a la boyfriend". But there's something kind of exciting about wearing a size 10 when you are a 4 or 6, it makes you feel much smaller than you are - until your pants fall off - haha.

And do you see that calender print in the corner? My Sunken Treasure poster came! I ran out this past weekend to get a frame for it at Ikea - I will need to cut my own mat for it later (not the right size) but it will do for now. I love the bright neon yellow - makes me so happy on these cloudy days. Thanks a million Sophie, you rock!


jennifer said...

I love that IM sweater! It looks so good paired with the red pants!

Wishcandy said...

I have to say I absolutely love your blog (first time comment). You find the best sweaters.

The color combo of your outfit is so graphically awesome.

Arlie said...

So happy to see you enjoying the colors! Taking it easy often translates to buying for me too. And I give a high five for big pants! I'm constantly rocking the "boyfriend" or as one of my friends would say, "butch look". Hahaa.

Hope things have been going ok :)

Arlie said...

ha. and I should also point out, you don't look boyfriend panty at all to me! ;)

erica said...

i have that sweater and love it, but the loose cotton knit is driving me nuts!! it seems to catch on everything, and it's so hard to fix. is it just me being a klutz? considering how much i paid for it...grr.

red pants! i would never have thought to buy colored denim, but they look awesome with the sweater.

mr said...

so funny. i had just sent an inquiry as to the length of this sweater on ebay and right as i was reading the response with the measurement, it sold. it was you!
congrats and enjoy, and if you ever need someone to take it off your hands, i'm around :)
maya rose

julia said...

Jennifer - hehe, thanks! I've been so bad lately, I think spring spending will have to be on a hault....for now!

Wishcandy - thanks so much, and thanks so much for leaving a comment, I always love hearing from readers :) so glad you like the colors!

arlie - haha! i literally laughed out loud when i read your note! yes, it's very fun to rock the boyfriend look now and again, in fact, i could get quite used to how comfy it is!

erica - I thought you had the same sweater - I thought I remembered seeing a picture of it last summer! I am kind of nervous about snagging it like you mentioned, and I am a total klutz too and I'll probably spill food all over it in addition to ripping it or something! Sometimes I really don't know what I'm thinking and I really need to stop spending all this money.

I wouldn't have thought of red pants as something I could wear at first - but all this weather we're having is driving me crazy and I had to have some color in my day - at least I've heard it's supposed to be a bit sunny tomorrow!

Maya - oh that's so funny! i'm sorry i snagged the top away from you before you could get it! i've actually seen a few of them pop up on ebay over the past three weeks so i hope another comes along for you! actually i saw the red and navy one on there last night and i almost convinced myself i needed it too, but not quick enough and it had been taken! maybe it was you :)

beckie said...

i love pairing black and white stripes with bright pants, great outfit :)

erica said...

after many frustrated attempts to fix the pulls, i've resorted to tying a knot and snipping the loose ends.

still, it's an incredibly soft sweater and so cozy for spring and cool summer nights.

sunkentreasure said...

:-) you're so welcome!
you rock those red pants!