shop update

Because I like trying to be Yoshie, here's a small shop update. Two Market totes in Caramel and Deep Blue, one Siduri Backpack in Deep Blue, and one Mini Duffle in Black. What? Julia!? You're being lazy and using the same color scheme and backdrop? Yes, I am. Hey, but at least they match! Expect new exciting color schemes and backdrops coming in December! The main pity with these photos is that they have since torn up the old grey pavement and covered it in new black pavement. And I don't have the mad skills to photoshop it out. You can also just tell it's colder out, or maybe that was just me shivering.

N.B. A note on the caramel leather: this leather is very distressed and has many natural scar marks apparent throughout. While you can't see them from a distance, they are visible up close. I for one like the distressed look, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Just wanted to let you know.