new totes

images from metrode.

I just sent a new tote style to Caitlin at Metrode and she just put them in her shop! Caitlin contacted me a little while back about doing some unlined totes for her shop and this is what we came up with. They are available in marble grey, espresso, and black. Check it out!


Nadinoo said...

So excited just ordered the grey pretty, it looks so beautiful :)

Just need to save my pennies now for one of those cute backpacks. You make some gorgeous bags!

Thank you!

Nadia x

Anonymous said...

thanks Julia, so glad to have these :)

EvaForeva said...

These are my favorite so far although the duffel bags are insanely awesome too :-)

Yoshie Hozumi said...

just lovely! I love them so much!!! simple beauties <3