pale white : late winter 2012

Pale White is the name of a song I heard for the first time about a year ago. It is a collaboration between Yann Tiersen and Shannon Wright. Usually songs come and go in my head, but this one set up camp and was bent on being noticed. At first it seemed like a song I might have liked in high school (a little sad but deep and hopeful, a little above it all), but then it became more complex and as I took it apart I kept finding new things. If I liked wine, this song would be like a good wine with many layers you can analyze.

I know by collection standards it's late to be putting out anything for winter, but I don't think these pieces are particularly winter driven, in fact, I find them quite multi-seasonal! Many of them are things I wear pretty much everyday, a uniform so to speak. I hope you find them wearable and comfy. I'm having a bit of a time with the HTML for the shop at the moment, but it will be up and running either tonight or tomorrow morning. Along with some bags that have been marked down quite a bit. So stay tuned! Shop's open! Click here!