there and back again

Yarn in union square.


New pot from muji


Bryant park

It's kind of amazing all the great things you can see and do in one weekend, so much so that it's hard to believe we're back home again. One resolution I'm working on this year is being more pro-active about what I do with my time. I used to always think one weekend was too short of a time for a trip, but I think I've proved myself wrong. I'd always love more time in New York, but you work with what you have and usually it turns out pretty awesome. I love walking around cities - there's always so much to look at! From food to books to shopping it seems I could walk for hours and never get tired. Of course the best times are always spent with good friends eating food and laughing. I can never get enough of that.

On side note, on a totally different topic (yet one I think near and dear in the hearts of many of us) is that I finally found the perfect pair of jeans. It came as a shocker too. The last pair of jeans I found that fit right in this style was from the Gap 6 years ago (long since falling apart). These Uniqlo jeans (called the super skinny fit tapered low rise) have all of the following : dark wash, thick sturdy denim, only a teeny bit of stretch, good fit, no pocket embroidery, short inseam, correct proportions, affordable, skinny straight fit without being jeggings, and a medium/lowish rise. Since I've waited six years to find pants like this I bought two pairs. I really recommend them if you are around 5'4" and under and have trouble finding pants that fit you right. They are kind of similar to the J Crew toothpick but they fit way better. They also run big, I bought 2 sizes down from my normal pants size. Maybe I'm assuming too much in thinking talking about jeans is interesting, but so many of us seem to have trouble finding the right fit that I thought I'd mention it.