I haven't posted about fashion in a while because I've become more nervous about coming across as materialistic/obsessed with clothes, additionally I haven't wanted to encourage lots of buying for other people or myself - isn't that lame? But it's true. I finally just decided to let it go and just talk about whatever I feel like at the time. So today, clothes! Tomorrow, maybe more muffins - later - who knows! Why over analyze it?

+ Current Elliot Stiletto Jeans in Lake with Pin dot print. This is actually the one piece I've bought from this spring. I first saw them when Erica posted them a little back, and wasn't able to get them off my mind! I had tried on other C/E's stilletto's before and though the denim quality wasn't that great, but these are really nice. I have actually been able to get about 8 wears out of them before feeling like they've stretched out so much that they need to go through the wash. Size down a few sizes, they run big!

+ I really want to be able to get around to making myself one of these shirts, or maybe a few in different colors. I just made one last week and it always surprises me how long it takes to make a shirt. It takes a really long time. Maybe I'm just slow or something. Anyway, I hope I have some time to do so.

+ Dieppa Restrepo Breezy Cali's in Pulp. Last year I made the mistake of not returning the Chalo Pulp shoes I had ordered - they never fit me right because one of my ankle bones apparently extends further down than the other, so the rise was too high for me. (Luckily they found a good home!) I wish I had waited for these one though! (Which may or may not have been ordered...)

+ Erin Considine Lunate Necklace. I love the muted tones of this piece, the braided details, and the shape of the brass. I was so excited to see Erin's studio a few weeks ago with Caitlin.

+ A Viking Wedding Band. I have no idea how I came across this. I really love the redish gold patina.

+Yue Backpack. What can I say? This is an awesome backpack.

+ And to top it all off, lots of mint pouches! I have one of the teeny tiny ones and use it as my wallet. I kind of want to make a really big one though.

(This was also an excuse for me to learn how to use the Magic wand tool on Photoshop. I know, I know, way late in the game to that.)


another feather said...

That back pack and viking ring are both so incredible! can't believe that ring!

jenny gordy said...

I understand you not wanting to be materialistic. So many of my blog posts are about buying stuff, and it makes me feel so weird/guilty. But at the same time I just love clothes and design, and it's hard not to share that. And I loved this post! You have mad photoshop skillz. : )

The outfit is perfection, my favorite part being the shirt. I'm definitely slow at sewing too because like you I'm a perfectionist. Button-downs do take an insanely long time to sew! All the placket details (especially on the sleeve) and collar and buttons. Jeez.

Can't wait to hear more about muffins, or you know, whatever else is on your mind.

julia said...

another feather - i know, that ring is pretty ridiculously amazing! for a long time i had no idea you could actually buy that kind of stuff, though i always dreamed about wearing "museum" jewelry!

jenny - okay, it makes me feel so much better to know it takes you a long time to make shirt! it's all the buttons and plackets, it takes forever.

i love design/fashion so much. i really think of it as art. what i've tried to do lately is really only write about these kinds of things when i feel some kind of affinity to them i guess? i just know i can have the tendency in my free time to get in the mindset of wanting something because i see it everywhere - it's kind of insane. balance is key i suppose :) thank you for your thoughts:)

popcorn plays said...

i don't use handbags at all but i have such a weakness for backpacks.... this is one of the most elegant i've ever seen! those shades of leather?! amazing!!

Heather said...

Mmmm, this is all so nice. I like hearing about what catches the eye of designers I admire. The spring wanties can be hard to reign in. Balance, you said it.

Wondering what your thoughts are on the rise of the Current Elliots? I am a long waisted girl.

erica said...

i've been scaling back a lot in the past year for similar reasons. also the fact that i can't try on any of these things makes me wary of posting about them. i'm glad to hear the C/Es aren't stretching out too quickly.

i love love your shirt and the colors of everything together.

k. wang said...

the ring is insane. what a statement piece! and neat since its history is essentially ever-compounding as it moves from hand to hand. aesthetically, it reminds me of this ring/article which you might like: i can't imagine the process used to make the ring you posted and this ring would be that different. somewhat nice to know that some things haven't changed.

Meg said...

I have been dying over that backpack!!! Unfortunately I cannot afford. Lovely pale colors for spring in this little outfit

P R I M O E Z A said...

love your finds! and clothing posts by blog friends are so much better than (fashion) magazines.

Anonymous said...

cute finds! all very reasonable & sunny and happy in combination. wish I had your photoshop skills!

Lo said...

everything on her is phenomenal. I mean, really, that backpack?!