I haven't posted about fashion in a while because I've become more nervous about coming across as materialistic/obsessed with clothes, additionally I haven't wanted to encourage lots of buying for other people or myself - isn't that lame? But it's true. I finally just decided to let it go and just talk about whatever I feel like at the time. So today, clothes! Tomorrow, maybe more muffins - later - who knows! Why over analyze it?

+ Current Elliot Stiletto Jeans in Lake with Pin dot print. This is actually the one piece I've bought from this spring. I first saw them when Erica posted them a little back, and wasn't able to get them off my mind! I had tried on other C/E's stilletto's before and though the denim quality wasn't that great, but these are really nice. I have actually been able to get about 8 wears out of them before feeling like they've stretched out so much that they need to go through the wash. Size down a few sizes, they run big!

+ I really want to be able to get around to making myself one of these shirts, or maybe a few in different colors. I just made one last week and it always surprises me how long it takes to make a shirt. It takes a really long time. Maybe I'm just slow or something. Anyway, I hope I have some time to do so.

+ Dieppa Restrepo Breezy Cali's in Pulp. Last year I made the mistake of not returning the Chalo Pulp shoes I had ordered - they never fit me right because one of my ankle bones apparently extends further down than the other, so the rise was too high for me. (Luckily they found a good home!) I wish I had waited for these one though! (Which may or may not have been ordered...)

+ Erin Considine Lunate Necklace. I love the muted tones of this piece, the braided details, and the shape of the brass. I was so excited to see Erin's studio a few weeks ago with Caitlin.

+ A Viking Wedding Band. I have no idea how I came across this. I really love the redish gold patina.

+Yue Backpack. What can I say? This is an awesome backpack.

+ And to top it all off, lots of mint pouches! I have one of the teeny tiny ones and use it as my wallet. I kind of want to make a really big one though.

(This was also an excuse for me to learn how to use the Magic wand tool on Photoshop. I know, I know, way late in the game to that.)