Montréal bound

After a little last minute planning, we've decided to go up to Montréal for the holiday weekend! I'm excited, I've never been before, and the weather forecast looks great! The above picture is from the Marché Jean-Talon, which I've been staring googly-eyed at for the past few days (I've felt slightly market deprived since our trip to Quebec last summer). We'll be staying at a B&B in the Plateau area. I can't wait to explore. Do you guys have any tips for must-see sights? Shopping? Eating? I have a feeling I could easily spend a whole week there, but 4 days will have to do.


joyce said...

Oh fun!! Definitely check out Natasha's blog for all food-related things:
If you'd be interested in a traditional French bistro experience, try L'Express -- a classic.

For shopping, I like Les Etoffes, Drawn & Quarterly, Rooney, Unicorn (hit or miss), and all the vintage fripperies lining St. Laurent and Plateau side streets. Have a great time!

popcorn plays said...

haha thank you joyce!

but love that photo of marche jean-talon -- i moved to petite italie for the sole purpose of being within walking distance to the market! and at this time of the year, it's getting really good : )

jennifer said...

Have fun! Funny, before I read your post, I was just thinking about trying to coerce Evan into going to Montreal this weekend!

It's super touristy, but you should try the smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz's.

k. wang said...

jealous! it's chris and i's two year anniversary this weekend, and we still don't have anything planned yet. :/ i've been wanting to head back up to canada now that i'm back on the east coast - now i can live vicariously through you! haha.

Naomi said...

be sure to check out the botanic garden!! it's amazing and HUGE!

tracey said...

Ahhh so jealous! If you'll be in the Jean Talon area, you should have brunch at nearby Cafe Cagibi (, and stop in at Galerie Monastiraki ( Also near there: if you like beer, there is a great place called Vices and Versa, which has a ton of delicious craft beers on tap ( Across the street from that is Anatol's spices, which is really fun for picking up cheap bulk cooking items -- which is granted not very touristy, but it's fun if you're a food nerd.

julia said...

Thanks everyone for your suggestions, this is really great! Now I can't wait for Friday!! :)

amelia said...

Get drinks at Casa del Popolo, Notre Dame des Quilles, Dieu du Ciel
Eat at Lawrence, Liverpool House, Griffintown Cafe, Magpie, Patati Patata
Brunch at Bagels Etc., Cafe Souvenir, Toi Moi et Cafe
Walk around Mile End, get a book at Drawn and Quarterly, records from local bands at Phonopolis, have a coffee on the Olimpico terasse.

Montreal is the greatest.