new totes

A few new tote styles are available in the shop now. I've been experimenting a bit more with hand-stitching the straps on -- in some ways am starting to like it a bit more than the rivets on the market tote. I've been using one of the black Stitched totes the past few days and it's a perfect weight for summer, not too heavy as leather bags can tend to be on hot days. I'm trying something a bit different where I list all the color options instead of making an individual listing for each color. You should be able to see all the colors on different items throughout the shop, but if you have any questions please let me know. If a bag isn't listed in a color you'd like, please email me and I'll see what I can do.

Also, starting next week, I'm going to try something new. My goal is to have all bags ship out within 4-5 business days instead of 2-3 weeks. I would start now except we will be away this weekend.

Now that Rennes is completely out of the house, I've been working on really parring down on everything we own. I'll be selling quite a few things, a few I've already listed on the General Economy (the a detacher didion sandals, a pair of DR Dinas, and some other things) and also on the Yard Sale (many reduced items on there, and just listed a Pip-Squeak Chapeau coat which is brand new).


k. wang said...

the black tote is awesome, julia. kudos!

it is going to feel SO GOOD when you finally clear out everything you're just kind of 'meh' about or haven't worn in some time, it feels like you have a whole different wardrobe once all you see in the closet is stuff you'd actually wear. i'm in the process of doing that, too. it's insane though, since i have such a hard time letting go, i have about four filled apple boxes in "storage" all of stuff i'm selling/trying to sell!

oneeyedrabbit said...

I love your new bag Julia! Gonna have to save up to get one of these next!

julia said...

K - Thank you so much! :) Yes, it is a good thing to clean out the things you don't use much anymore - I try to do it a few times a year - always feels so good after the fact!

Julie - Thanks!! :) I just shipped out your duffle to you the other day - I hope you enjoy that one!

Yoshie Hozumi said...

Wohoo! I want I want! They are so pretty and dainty yet adulty! Love the new designs. :)

Catherine said...

love the hand stitching :)

Alyson Redding said...

I really love that first one, Julia. You're coming up with so many beautiful new things! Can't wait until I am home, have a job and can buy one (or lots!). ;)