We just got back from a great weekend visit with Joyce and her husband Ben in Vermont. We had such a fun time! They took us to all their favorite places, including a farmer's market, Vergennes Laundry (a lovely bakery), Lake Champlain for kayaking, and an ice cream shop for "creemees" (also known as soft serve, though I like "creemee" better and am glad I learned this new word.)

I also might add, they cook the best Mac & Cheese ever! J + B have one of the most interesting houses I have seen - a Techbuilt prefab - we loved hearing about it and the projects they have been working on. It's always so fun to meet people who you've been blog buddies with, I can't wait until we get to see them again. Thanks so much guys!


Belinda said...

Oh fun! I've met up with some great people through the blogging world. I find that the people whose blogs I'm drawn to usually have quite similar interests to mine.

I just love learning (and awkwardly using) different words for everyday things from other parts of the world. Creemee does sound a lot more interesting than plain old soft serve.

Joyce's house does look really nice on her blog. How nice that you got to see it in person.

joyce said...

Creemees 4eva!