classic fermob bistro chair in poppy

When I think about my favorite colors, I always assume I love neutrals - white, grey, black, tan, navy, etc. And it's true, those are my favorites! But in reality, I think my favorite color is actually red. You can see this in our kitchen and throughout our apartment in different ways. A little pop of red here and there : text in a print, cups and bowls, a spatula, towels, a plaid apron, and socks. While I don't tend to wear a lot of red, it definitely has it's place in our home. Recently we were given an old wooden table which we sanded down and painted white. It's on our back porch now. It desperately needs red bistro chairs to go with it. So the hunt is on.


shara said...

Yes, I really love red as well! I've been trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe a little more, and I also love pops of red in the house. I wonder if you could DIY your own red bistro chairs. Maybe if you found some good metal chairs at a thrift shop that you could spray paint red? Oh, and I also wanted to say, if you do figure out a good way to make onigiri, I would love to read about it!

caroline said...

It's odd. Green is my favorite color, in that the color fascinates me. But when it comes to wardrobe, home decor, and just about everything else I am so neutral. But I do want kelly green pants. And I would say orange is my least favorite color but I love a pop of orange in home decor. Oh mysteries of being me.

Lindsay said...

I am currently OBSESSED with metal tub chairs and want them all over my house. How about something like this?