beach bag!

Untitled Untitled Untitled You might be able to tell that all this sixty to seventy degree weather is making me happy. So, since I'd rather be at the beach than sewing, I thought I could at least get part of the way there (mentally) by making a beach tote. In the shop here. The first picture is the inside of the bag, and I find it quite a bit more exciting than the outside, so I guess you could wear it inside out too if you don't mind the serged edges showing.


Anonymous said...

really cute, julia :)

caroline said...

love the new bags!

erica said...

i'm a sucker for a a good stripe. i think i prefer the pocket on the outside, although i would probably want a snap or magnet to keep it closed. you wouldn't believe how many times i've leaned over with a bag on my shoulder only to have my phone and wallet fall out of the pocket!

ps. i'm wearing shorts. SHORTS!