ready, set, throw!

IMG_5325 Untitled 

Bowl One has been glazed, looking forward to some granola tomorrow.


When I got home I put these on the couch and I like how they look on this pelt. 

Untitled Untitled 

 Wheel throwing continues to be a humbling experience, but I'm heading in the right direction.  Except today I seem to have forgotten how to center, but I blame that on my clay being too hard.

Summer feels like it's slowed everything down - from work to everything else I feel like I'm going in slow motion - but I'm enjoying that & plus isn't that what summer is all about? I also feel good that I've been working on lots of new things that have absolutely nothing to do with sewing.  I think this has been a good mind reset for me because I've been feeling a bit burned out with sewing.  

Other than pottery here's some other things I've been trying my hand at:

1. Biking more
2. Made a bench
3. Paddle Boarding
4. Resisting sale season (argh it's hard!)
5.  Getting more exercise
6. Being less anxious about everything



joyce said...

Such good glazes, Julia! I'm impressed with your pottery efforts. I tried ceramics in high school and was horrible at centering.

Anonymous said...

this all sounds like good stuff to be doing. pretty bowl!

Jocy said...

Lovely! I am trying my hand at slowing things down.

Veronica Roth said...

Those are beautiful and I love the blue glaze on the bowl. I've just tried my hand at pottery and am hooked! I'm exploring glazes and came to your site. Now to look around some more. (PS, I think the grey to pale green to robin's egg colours will be the ones I will love the most)