ready, set, throw!

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Bowl One has been glazed, looking forward to some granola tomorrow.


When I got home I put these on the couch and I like how they look on this pelt. 

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 Wheel throwing continues to be a humbling experience, but I'm heading in the right direction.  Except today I seem to have forgotten how to center, but I blame that on my clay being too hard.

Summer feels like it's slowed everything down - from work to everything else I feel like I'm going in slow motion - but I'm enjoying that & plus isn't that what summer is all about? I also feel good that I've been working on lots of new things that have absolutely nothing to do with sewing.  I think this has been a good mind reset for me because I've been feeling a bit burned out with sewing.  

Other than pottery here's some other things I've been trying my hand at:

1. Biking more
2. Made a bench
3. Paddle Boarding
4. Resisting sale season (argh it's hard!)
5.  Getting more exercise
6. Being less anxious about everything