Just got back from a weekend wedding in the Poconos. We stayed at a cabin in the woods and the reception was at a lodge on the top of a mountain. It was raining most of the day and the sun came out right before the ceremony - talk about perfect timing! We also went to Steamtown in Scranton and Bushkill Falls in the Delaware River Water Gap.

You can see so many stars when you're not in the city. It always amazes me when it's so dark you can see the the milky way belt.

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Katwheeland said...

Viewing your blogs and website for the first time! Also started following you on Instagram (@katwheeland). Your items and collections are stunning! Anticipating my first purchase from you! Hope you enjoyed the poconos! It is one of my favorite winter ski spots as I live about two hours west in Williamsport. If you would have visited the area over this past weekend, the night sky would have blown you away during the Perseid meteor shower!