Rennes is 5 years old this month!! Hip-hip horray!! Instead of offering a sale rate on all items on the website, I've decided to do it differently and more in line with how I've run the yard sale blog - I thought it would be more fun!  I'm going to offer a few items (listed below) with different color options at a special discount rate for the next week.  Please email me with your request (you have until 8/15 to do so) at or if you have any questions.  Prices do not include shipping.  Items are all made to order and may take 2-6 weeks to ship out.  If you have any questions about colors and can't find an example on the site feel free to email me and I'll send you a link.  Have fun!

Unlined Tote - $120

Pebble Dark Brown

Sophie Tote - $200

Sandy Nubuck
Dark Brown Nubuck

Milo Wallet - $110

Dark Brown Horsehide (distressed leather)

5" Pouch - $29

Dark Brown Nubuck
Dinosaur Taupe
Assorted medium brown (picked at random)
Random color from the leather bin  (picked at random)
Random lambskin color - magentas, cobalts, tans, black, metallics, etc picked at random

Simple Dress 

This dress will be the same cut as the indigo mudcloth dress but in one solid color.

Solid Colors: $140

Paprika linen cotton blend
Teal linen cotton blend
Clay linen cotton blend
Red/White Yarn Dyed Linen
Periwinkle Blue Yarn Dyed Linen (a slightly purple hued chambray)
Navy linen cotton blend
Red/black Yarn Dyed linen

Special colors: $160

Thin black and white striped linen
Navy & Red Ikat Cotton

Color Chart


Jasmine said...

We seriously love your products and just featured this sale and your blog on our Facebook!

Feel free to follow us for more deals, reviews, and other shoptalk!

-Jasmine from

ablueteacup said...
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ablueteacup said...

Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary! I've always been a huge fan of your bags.
I just wish that the Mini Ch√Ęteau Duffle (especially in the divine Dinosaur Taupe color) had been included in the special offer, I've been pining after it but haven't been able to afford it!
Will keep saving up, please consider including it next time. :) All the best and thanks for this offer anyway!