nova scotia / pei

Untitled We are leaving for a 8-10 day trip to Nova Scotia and PEI later this week! Yay, vacation! I've never been so I'm pretty excited! We're staying in Summerside in PEI for 3 nights, then onto a town in the Bay of Fundy for another 3, and then we're still not sure yet what we're going to do for the last leg of the trip. At first we were thinking about Cape Breton but we might save that for a later trip & combine it with Newfoundland (I really want to see the Viking settlements!). If you have any suggestions of places to go activities to do I'd love to hear them!


joyce said...

You're going to live out my Anne of Green Gables fantasies! I've never been, so no recommendations here, but have a great time!

Anna McClurg said...

Oh you will have so much fun! Jed and I went there on our honeymoon two years ago. Our favorite place was going to see Anne of Green Gables, of course! Have a wonderful time!

nicole said...

I love Nova Scotia! (PEI is great too) I would highly recommend driving along the south shore of NS, especially Mahone Bay, Lunenberg, and of course Peggys Cove. Halifax is a charming city too.

And I must say that Cape Breton is one of my all-time favourite places on earth (make sure you hike the skyline trail when you go).

julia said...

joyce - my thoughts exactly! i showed jesse the videos about a year ago and much to my surprise he really enjoyed them!! anne is such a loveable character so it was nice to finally see where she came from!

anna - i thought i remember you went there for your honey moon! i loved green gables - the house was so adorable and the little forest lane behind the house was so cute. i loved how LMM's personal narratives seem so like her books!

nicole - i really wish we had had more time, i really wanted to go to lunenburg it looked like a really nice town. next time hopefully! i also hope to do cape breton next time, we didn't make it this go around - definitely want to hike the skyline trail!