changes // introducing : baserange !

tank top [nude] // us shorts [black]
long strap overalls [kaki] // tank top [nude]
basic sweat [nude] // us shorts black
So hey! I've got news! If you took that survey I put out last fall you might remember me putting out a question about carrying other lines in my shop : so, long story short, I'm going to start doing that. I'm starting slow and will getting some different things in over the next few months. I hope this will make things a little more exciting. I'm going to restructure my site too to make it clear which things are "rennes" and which are other lines. But for now, I wanted to get some things up on the website! So...

Baserange has been one of my favorite lines for a while. I first got one of their basic sweat shirts last fall and I've worn it all the time. Their color palette is very neutral which I love, and the fabrics are high quality. All their garments are made from natural & sustainable materials (mostly bamboo and organic cotton) and are soft and so comfy. Their knit pieces are sewn in family run factories in Portugal and the owners are able to frequent the factories from their base in Toulouse, France. All woven pieces are made in Turkey. I hope that these make an exciting addition to the shop, and I should have some more things to add very soon, so stay tuned!

p.s. the shorts are by far my favorite, they are like fancy umbros! (yes, you know you loved umbros too!) I wish I had been able to get more of the black ones, but the nude ones are just as good!